Bishop Stands Firm Against STD Vaccine in Catholic Schools Despite Lawsuit Threat
LifeSite News (09.14.12):: Patrick B. Craine
A lobby group, HPV Calgary, has threatened a lawsuit against Calgary’s Roman Catholic school district, because it refuses to participate in a program for administering the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine in its schools. The vaccine prevents certain strains of the disease that can lead to cervical cancer. The Roman Catholic school district has instead directed parents to clinics where the children can get the vaccination. Bishop Fred Henry, the Bishop of Calgary, commented that administering the vaccine would undermine the schools’ effort to teach children about abstinence and chastity in accord with the teachings of the Catholic church. The Calgary Catholic school district is now Canada’s only school board in a major city that does not offer the vaccine. It has been banned by Catholic school boards in eight other districts of Alberta, as well as in Yellowknife and Halton, Ontario.
08 October 2012
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